Pricing Plan

wordpress design philippinesHow much would it Cost?

Let’s keep it simple.

We don’t wanna confuse you with many different “plans” to choose from.

It’s $250 PER YEAR for one website.

Take it or leave it.

We are not here to play around.

We mean business and we are looking for people who are on the same page with us. If you are not serious enough to invest money in your business, then we are terribly sorry but our services are not for you at this time of your Internet Marketing journey.

Again, the services you will get for $250/yr. include:

  • Domain name registration (1 year)
  • Top notch hosting (1 year)
  • WordPress Site Setup
  • Theme Implementation
  • Initial Content Generation (Homepage, About us page, Legal pages)
  • On-Page SEO
  • 2 months Backlink Building (We will teach you how so you can do it yourself later down the winding road to success)
    • Article Directory Submissions
    • Social Network (Web 2.0) Submissions
    • Press Releases
  • 2 months Social Bookmarking (We will coach you how to do this right so you can do it on your own)
  • Premium support through email.

Depending on the scale of the build, we will be able to finish your site within 5-7 days.

We have a 100% downpayment policy.

Sorry I forgot. How does it work again?

It’s ok. We understand things can get overwhelming at times.

Click here to find out on how it works. (Please take notes this time ok?)

I’m In! Where do I sign-up?

Glad you asked!

Click here to Contact us now.

P.S. We accept all major credit cards.