Let Us Build Your Blog

So… you want to share something of yourself to the world through blogging but don’t know where to start? Yes?

Awesome! You actually came to the right place (or URL in this case). We here at Quad Media Ventures are more than happy to build a blog (whether it’s your first… or second… or third… or ninety-ninth… it’s cool with us) for you. This way, taking over the world is much much much EASIER!

Really, blogging is not THAT hard.

All you need to do is get a reliable host, set-up your SQL database, install a blogging platform (hopefully WordPress), create your blog header, set up your blog permalinks, craft your SEO friendly blog title and meta description, install an awesomely cool theme (again I’m hoping you’re using WordPress)… gasp…. fine-tune your color combinations, set-up your plugins (oh believe me, it takes more than half a dozen plugins to make a “robust”¬†WordPress¬†installation)…

…and then finally you can make your first blog post…

Or… you can be SMART and do it this way:

Contact us and let us know what you want done.

Go do something fun (read: update your Facebook status).

When we’re done…

You can now start blogging.

How’s that?